Online Bookings

The fees for standard and longer consultations have a net cost to the patient of around $50 after the Medicare rebate.

General Practice 15 minute Appointments

  • Suitable for 1-2 concerns only
  • For longer appointments or mental health please phone our reception

Phone Bookings

Please phone 9444 7227
Please help keep our waiting times down and book an appropriate length appointment.

  • Standard Appointment (15 minutes)
  • Long Appointments (30 minutes)

Appointment Descriptions and Duration Guide

  • 3 or More Health Concerns: 30 minutes
  • Complex Problems: 30-45 minutes
  • Mental Health: 30 minutes
  • Travel: 30 minutes doctor & 30 minutes nurse
  • Mole Check: 15+ minutes
  • Mole Check Extended: 30+ minutes (Multiple skin lesions)
  • Antenatal: 15+ minute
  • 6-8 Week Mother & Baby Check: 30+ minutes
  • Immunisations and Flu Shots
  • Care Plans: 30+ minutes
  • Health Assessments: 45-49 year old and 75+ year old: 30+ minutes
  • Workers Compensation: 30 minutes
  • Commercial Drivers Medical: 30 minutes

Longer Consultations:

When making your appointment, we encourage you to ask for a longer consulting time if your health issue is of a complex nature, or if you require more time as in the case of an initial workers compensation consult, a full medical examination, a mental health issue, a pap smear or other situation.

If unsure, ask the advice of reception staff who will be happy to assist.

Continuity of care:

In the interest of continuity of care, please request your usual doctor of choice when making your appointment. We will do our best to accommodate you. In the situation where doctors are away or are unavailable, there are other doctors at this practice who can access your medical records for your treatment.

Test results:

All results and most reports are received electronic to support a paperless practice (as far as possible). All received results and reports from tests and visits to specialists will always be checked by your referring doctor. In some circumstances, you will be required to make a follow-up appointment with your treating doctor to discuss your results and/or follow-up treatment.

Due to privacy laws and patient confidentiality, we can’t discuss test results over the phone. During phone enquiries, we will be able to advice, should a follow-up appointment be required.


Under no circumstances can a referral be issued without a consultation with the doctor. Under no circumstances can a referral be back-dated, as this contravenes Medicare Australia legislation.

To avoid being ineligible for a Medicare rebate from your visit to a specialist, please speak with the specialist in advance to verify that your current referral is in date. If it is not in date, you need to leave yourself sufficient time for an appointment with your regular doctor to obtain an up-dated referral prior to your specialist appointment.

There is a fee of $10 for re-issue of a lost, in-date referral.


If for whatever reason you need to re-schedule or cancel an appointment, we ask that you give us minimum of 2 hours-notice. This is so we can facilitate other patients on our cancellation list in need of medical attention.

There may be a $25 fee if you have made an appointment and fail to turn up or cancel in time.

Please note that we do not accept EMAILS as means of making or cancelling appointments.